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Benefits | BEES

  • Place an order 24/7 and select one of your usual delivery days

  • Browse all BEES brands and packs

  • Check your delivery status, credit information, order history and invoices

  • Sign Up


What is BEES?

BEES is an online application that puts you in control.   

  • Browse your selection of products  

  • See your custom prices   

  • Place an order any time you wish  

  • Reorder to save you time 

  • View your credit information 

How does it work?

  • Create an account 

  • Browse or search for products 

  • Add items to My Delivery 

  • Click on the My Delivery Truck, we will confirm prices, discounts and stock availability 

  • Update the number of cases and keg empties you would like to return in My Delivery 

  • Choose your delivery dates 

  • Place your order 

  • Request an empty truck to pick up your empties 

  • View Invoices and recent orders

How can I become a BEES user?

To Create an account you will need  

  • An email address 

  • Account STP Number 

  • Valid liquor license.   

After you register your account you will receive an email to create a password.   

You must always keep this password safe and secure to protect your account.   

Once your password has been saved you can login and begin ordering!